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Welcome to KETEK, where the rich and diverse flavors of Sarawak come to your doorstep! We are passionate about connecting you with the best local cuisines, creating a delightful dining experience that celebrates the unique tastes of Sarawak.

Our Mission

At KETEK, our mission is to bridge the gap between food lovers and the vibrant culinary scene in Sarawak. We strive to provide a seamless and convenient platform for you to explore, order, and savor the authentic flavors that make Sarawakian cuisine truly special.


  • Culinary Exploration: Immerse yourself in the diverse culinary traditions of Sarawak. From traditional favorites to contemporary delights, KETEK offers a curated selection of restaurants that capture the essence of Sarawakian cuisine.

  • Convenience Redefined: Enjoy the ease of ordering your favorite Sarawakian dishes with just a few taps. Our user-friendly app ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience from selection to delivery.

  • Local Partnerships: We take pride in collaborating with local eateries, supporting small businesses, and showcasing the culinary talent that defines Sarawak's food scene.

  • Passion for Quality: Every dish delivered through KETEK reflects our commitment to quality. We prioritize freshness, authenticity, and a memorable dining experience for our users.

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